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How to Find Time for Exercise in your Busy Life

exercise for health - Aurora ChiropractorI know exercise is good for me but I just don’t have time!” I hear this excuse from patients all the time and let me tell you, it’s easier than you think. You don’t necessarily have to join a gym or take yoga or dancing lessons (although these are all wonderful and fun ideas). You don’t even have to set aside an hour here and there every day to follow a precise regimen. Here are some tips to incorporate exercise into your busy life. Some exercise is better than none at all. So if you’re currently doing nothing, then definitely do these!

Take the stairs. Maybe you work in a big building that has an elevator. From now on, take the stairs (for at least the first couple flights). Stair climbing is an excellent workout! Will you really miss the extra 2 minutes?

Park further from the entrance. Most of us look for the closest spot possible. From now on, park at the far corner. This will add some walking distance.

Take micro-breaks. Do you sit at a desk for long hours? Every half hour (you can even buy a cheap timer), stand up and stretch. Reach up to the sky, to the front and to the back. Lean your body forwards and back and side to side. Go up on you toes and up on your heels. Roll your head in circles and roll your shoulders. Take some deep breaths. Then get back to work. You’ll be surprised at how better you feel and how much more energy and productivity you have!

Fidgeting is good for you. Really, it is. The body is meant for movement. Bounce your knees up and down. Roll your chair forward and back.

Drink more water. Drinking more water will force you to get up more often to go to the bathroom (and prevent dehydration).

Buy a stability ball chair. There are various stability ball chairs available in the market. The concept behind these is to sit on a slightly unstable surface. This causes you to use your core muscles more which will improve your posture and endurance.

Use an exercise ball while watching TV. Instead of lounging on the sofa as you watch your favourite program, get out your stability ball and sit on it and more around. You can do pelvic rocks and dips, roll outs or even bounce up and down. It’s fun.

Have a lunchtime stroll. Go outside and walk for 10 minutes during your lunch break.

Most people don’t achieve the minimal recommended exercise requirements for good health. By incorporating the above suggestions into your routine, it’s easy. So, get started today! Need some more motivation? Learn some of the many benefits of regular exercise. 

Is pain preventing you from exercising? Or, need some help getting started? Visit your local chiropractor. Or if you’re looking for a chiropractor in Aurora or York Region, come see me!

Dr. Elisabeth Miron